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Chairman Message
CV. Mitra Dipa Antara is a company that produces kapok fiber, kapok seed, pillow, mattress, floor mattress made from satin contains kapok fiber. We elected kapok as basic material because it is abundant commodity in our place, Pati city, Province of Central Java, Indonesia. Java kapok is well known as the best kapok in quality among other ones.
We feel so honor rewarded by the market by always involved us as their main partner. No other words can represent our thanks for that beside give the market with our best products, services, and best support at any cost.
Facing the millenium age, we have made some additional facilities and services in our business to accelerate and increase our quality of services. From adding new machineries and establishing an internet based e-business system called to make and conduct a business with us become easier and faster than before.
Finally, we would like to thanks to the market for all they’ve given to us, and please don’t hesitate to send your critics and suggestion to us , so we can build our business to be your faithfully partner.
With kind regards,
Warehouse and Factory of  CV. Mitra Dipa Antara Company